Boat Trips

12 Island Boat Trip is a holiday classic of Fethiye. 12 Island boat tours are practiced by 50-150 pax capacity double-decker boats. The luch usually consists of meat balls, fish or chicken as main meal, pasta, season’s salad and fruits. During the cruise it is very likely to see dolphins and even sea turtles if you watch around carefully.

Unless the captain makes changes with the route due to unexpected weather conditions the main stop-overs of this cruise will be in this order: Gobun Bay, a very calm bay with crystal clear water. Bay of Cleopatra’s Bath, where it is supposed to be a Roman bath built for her, which was later destroyed by an earthquake. There are still ruins around. Swimming in the water of the bay is supposedly would make people look 10 years younger and more beautiful. Dockyard (Tersane) Island was once inhabited by Ottoman Greeks, where there was a dockyard. Now completely isolated, there is a lake-like bay inside the island, hard to notice unless you come very close. There are ruins to see from Greek settlement times. Flat Islands are a group of islands so close to each other, located just across Göcek town. There are optional activities here including water skiing. Either Red Island or Samanlik Bay will the last stopover and your last chance to swim. both having very beautiful environment and crystal clear waters.