Blue Lagoon is among the most photographed in the world. Set against a crystal blue sea and cloudless sky it looks stunning. It is not sand but that hardly matters. It closes at night but by day may enjoy sunbathing or watching the paragliders come off from the mountain above, taking quite a time to descend to sea level.

Belcekiz Beach in Oludeniz is likely to be covered in sunbeds. If you sit up and look around, you will see a wonderful environment and the amazing turquoise colour of the sea. Many descriptions of this area use the term ‘Blue Lagoon’, a worthy title.

Kidrak Beach is just 2 km south-east of Oludeniz and easily reached by road and boat. It has been more recently become known as ‘Paradise Beach’. With deep ever changing turquoise waters, a fine pebbled strand shaded by stately pine trees and backed by high scenic cliffs, the beach warrants this name. No loud music, no water-sports?. this is an ideal place to escape the crowds, enjoy a lazy picnic, snorkel around the rocky headland or watch the sunset. Kidrak has all basic facilities including a snack bar. There is a small entrance fee.

Butterfly Valley is located about 15 km south of Oludeniz and another 10km onto Fethiye, Butterfly Valley is a destination of exceptional natural beauty. It boasts a complete natural setting with not a touch of modern development. Butterfly Valley is a valley made up of large looming mountains that drop straight into the blue and aqua waters below.

Kabak Bay is located on 4 km south of the Butterfly Valley which is the home of many endemic plants and animals, a place of natural wonders. Tents, tree houses or bungalows are available for accomodation, You can swim at the perfect beach and witness the full moon at night.